Increased lead volumes with the help of
paid social advertising strategies.


in conversion rate.


in click through rate.


in costs per lead.

About The Client

Chiropractic Life Centre is a wellness clinic that focuses on helping
their patients heal by focusing on corrections of the spine.

Client's Challenge

Chiropractic Life Centre was in search of an agency to effectively manage their paid social media activities and scale their budget to acquire more qualified leads. 

Before hiring us, Chiropractic Life Centre had previously managed their Facebook ads inhouse. They were getting a couple of leads every week, however their efforts were not consistent nor predictable.

Our Findings

When we took over the account we noticed a couple of things that were holding them back from reaching their ideal buyers and effectively messaging their offer to them. 

  1. In the ad account we saw that they were not running their ads through Facebook  business manager. They were boosting their posts in small batches. 

  2. We also saw that they were targeting multiple different audiences within the same ad. This created inefficiencies with their messaging because different audiences respond to different ad copy and creatives. 

  3. The ads that were running didn’t go to a landing page with a clear offer.  

  4. The ad copy that they were running with previously wasn’t persuasive enough to get a high click through rate (CTR) either, which was also a reason for their underperforming campaigns.

Our Solution

In the beginning of our engagement we built a new website for the client since their current site was outdated and didn’t have clear conversion paths for potential customers to convert into patients for the clinic. 

Once the site was finished we moved on to crafting a conversion funnel for potential patients to go through. Their conversion funnel started from the ads we were going to run on facebook/instagram, to the landing page where patients convert on their offer and finally till a phone call where the lead is booked in for a treatment. 

We started with writing multiple different ad copies for the client. Some were short and some were long form ad copy. It was really important for us to make sure our ad copy would hit different pain points to help their audiences understand that chiropractic care could help them. We also chose different ad creatives in both video form and picture form to run as ads.

Once we had the ad copy and creative in place, we set up a new conversion campaign structure with multiple separate adsets targeting different interests. We did this to find out which interests were yielding with clicks and conversions versus not. The split tests we ran on the interests helped us identify which interests were performing well so we could double down on them. 

Once we had our audiences defined, the next step was to understand which ad copy and creative combination would generate the most clicks and which landing page would create the most qualified leads. 

For many businesses getting leads is very important but if the leads don’t convert into paying clients they are really worth much. In the chiropractic field generating leads is half the battle, the second half is getting the leads to becoming paying clients. This is something we took great attention to and worked with the different audiences, ad copies and creatives to get it right for the client.

Our Results

With the new ad campaign we were able to test multiple variables to find out what works best for the client and to put it short, all of the hard work we put in paid off in multiples for our client!

With the new ad campaign structure we were able to achieve great results on all levels for the client. The client has a previous cost per lead (CPL) of 100 sek and with our changes we lowered their CPL by 80% to 22 SEK! As a result of our better ad copy and best performing creative we achieved a 300% increase in click through rate (CTR). The client’s conversion rate increased by 900% because now we were able to show our ads to the right people with the right ads! 

CPL: Decreased by 80% 

CTR: Increased by 300% 

Conversion rate: Increased by 900%

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.