2189% increase in traffic by improving client’s website and content strategy.


in organic traffic.


in ranking keywords.


in traffic value.

About The Client

HQV Sthlm is a traditional auditing and accounting firm based in Stockholm. The company offers services in accounting, payroll and auditing. The company also offers services in HR and consulting to their clients to help them further in their growth.

Client's Challenge

HQV is a company that has quickly grown their revenues and the main portion of their business came from partnerships and their personal network. HQV had previously not done any marketing online and initially they were just interested in seeing how increasing their traffic from google could help them grow their client base.

HQV is in an industry that is very competitive when it comes to ranking on google. There are lots of private accounting/auditing firms that rank for different search terms and many software companies that also rank for popular search terms. Apart from private competitors HQV has government entities that have a lot of content and backlinks since they are the source of many topics in the financial industry.

Our Findings

We started off our SEO engagement by doing an in depth analysis of the SEO landscape in the industry at large as well as more focused search terms around the solution that HQV provides.  Furthermore we performed an audit on the HQV website to look at the technical side of the website, on-page aspects of the website and the link foundation.  

  1. The first and very clear issue with the website is that it was outdated. The design and user experience was not optimal, especially in an industry with lots of competition.  

  2. The website only ranked for branded keywords such as the company name and names of the founders of the company. 

  3. The few pages that the website had didn’t have enough written or visual content on them. 

  4. The website didn’t have many backlinks or internal linking between the different pages.

Our Solution

We started off by optimising all of the content on the website, this included rewriting content and adding a lot of content to each page that they previously had. Simultaneously we were working on a new website design that would give the website a completely new feeling. 

Once the new design was done we implemented it on the website with the new content. The next step in our partnership was to install HubSpot as their new CRM and marketing platform. With HubSpot we would be able to implement a chat function, pop ups and more to help HQV convert more visitors on their site. 

Our goal was to make sure all of the basics and conversion paths were in place before driving traffic to their site. This is an important step to take to make sure that the traffic they are getting can turn into new customers for their business. 

Once we had a website with good fundamental SEO optimizations in place we could go on to the next step which is to drive traffic to the site.

We performed an in depth keyword analysis to understand what keywords we should focus on to get reliable SEO results that would help HQV get traffic from people that are in different stages in their buyers journey. 

Once we had a plan for which keywords and topics to target we created a topic cluster and got to work creating content. We launched a blog for HQV and a glossary since we saw many people on Google searching for definitions and calculations of specific financial terms.   

Our strategy was to write four blogs per week around topics from our topic cluster and to publish 2-3 new words to our glossary.

Our Results

SEO is a long term investment and we knew that specifically in the financial industry we needed to have patience while putting in the work at the same time. In the beginning of our work the website had 45 monthly visitors to the site and the traffic came from branded searches.  The website ranked for a total of 11 keywords and all of them were either related to the brand or employees working at the company. 

The traffic growth to the site came at around 6 months into our work with the site’s blog and financial glossary. At month 6 our traffic had only doubled to 105 visitors a month but by month 8 we had over 1000 visitors to the site.  

In month 8, the organic traffic was 1 030 visitors/month and the total ranking keywords was 861 keywords! Traffic growth in percentage was 2 189% and the keywords growth was 7 727%!

Traffic: Increased by 2 189%

Ranking keywords: Increased by 7 727%

Traffic value: Increased by 6 710%

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.