1902% increase in growth 

through adapted SEO strategy.


in organic traffic.


in ranking keywords.


in traffic value.

About The Client

Pronatos is a company that has invented an innovative method for treating several different symptoms in the feet. The founder Vesa Koskela has spent over 6 years developing Pronatos and since then the results for patients have been outstanding. Pronatos is a licensees business where clinics can become licensees and use the Pronatos method to treat patients. 

Client's Challenge

Pronatos is fairly new to the market and not many people knew about the treatment method. The business was run mainly on word of mouth. Word of mouth kept Vesa busy since he was also doing treatments with patients but his licensees were not always busy with treating patients. 

Pronatos is in an industry that is very competitive when it comes to ranking on google. There are lots of private clinics that rank for different search terms and symptoms that people usually search for. Apart from private competitors Pronatos has government entities in the healthcare industry that create a lot of content.


Our Findings

We started off our SEO engagement by doing an in depth analysis of the SEO landscape in the industry at large as well as more focused search terms around the solution that Pronatos provides. Furthermore we performed an audit on the Pronatos website to look at the technical side of the website, on-page aspects of the website and the link foundation. 

  1. The website was very slow and the permalinks on the site were not optimised for the content on the page. 
  2. The website only ranked for the keywords “Pronatos” and “stretchpower” which both are the names of the treatment and special equipment that Pronatos uses. The website only ranked for branded terms. 
  3. The few pages that the website had weren’t properly structured which made it difficult to follow along with the content. 
  4. The website didn’t have many backlinks or internal linking between the different pages.

Our Solution

We optimised the Pronatos website by structuring the different pages in an easy manner for potential patients to find the different benefits of Pronatos and where to book a treatment. 

The content on the website is an essential part of on-page SEO so we rewrote and optimised all the content on the existing website with relevant keywords for Pronatos. With the optimised content on the website we had a good structure to build upon. 

The next step for Pronatos was understanding which pages we should create to expand the content on the site and help google rank the website for more keywords. We made a revised website map with all of the new pages we proposed for the site.

Once the new sitemap was accepted we started building pages that related to common symptoms amongst Pronatos patients. Each symptom had a good amount of search volume so created dedicated pages for each symptom. All of the pages had a video explaining the symptom as well, we made them together with the client. The videos not only help us increase engagement on the website but it also helps us increase the time a person stays on our site which is a good signal for Google! 

Apart from the symptom pages we created for Pronatos, we also started their blog. The goal with the blog is to drive traffic from informational searches that people make related to feet pain and other relevant searches.

Our Results

With SEO results take time… unfortunately. In the beginning of our work the website had 156 monthly visitors and for the first 5 months we saw very small growth in traffic numbers. In month 6 however the traffic reached 360 visitors a month. Although that is still a small number of total visitors the growth is over 100%. 

We had patience and kept on working with the traffic numbers and our work together with the client paid off in the later 6 months of our fiscal year together. Over the total 12 month period the traffic to the site grew from 156 visitors/month to 3 123 visitors/month! 

That is a total of 1 901% growth in 12 months!    

Traffic: Increased by 1 901%

Ranking keywords: Increased by 106%

Traffic value: Increased by 480%

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.