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in conversion rates.


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About The Client

Pronatos is a company that has invented an innovative method for treating several different symptoms in the feet. The founder Vesa Koskela has spent over 6 years developing Pronatos and since then the results for patients have been outstanding. Pronatos is a licensees business where clinics can become licensees and use the Pronatos method to treat patients. 

Client's Challenge

Pronatos is fairly new to the market and not many people knew about the treatment method. The business was run mainly on word of mouth. Word of mouth kept Vesa busy since he was also doing treatments with patients but his licensees were not always busy with treating patients. 

Vesa needed Pronatos to spread so that his licensees could treat more patients and see a positive roi on Pronatos for their clinic. Pronatos is not a VC backed company so they needed to get instant results from their marketing efforts to stay in business.  

Our Findings

When we took over the account we noticed a couple of things that we needed to implement to help Pronatos grow and get more patients.  

  1. Pronatos needed a CRM for all licensees to access their patients from the marketing efforts that Pronatos was going to run for all the clinics.

  2. We needed a persuasive ad strategy with videos explaining the treatment and good ad copy that could get people to click on our ads. 

  3. We needed a landing page with a clear offer to get patients to apply for a treatment. 

  4. We needed to optimise the website with more content and a better website structure so that patients can easily navigate to book a treatment.

Our Solution

In the beginning of our engagement we installed HubSpot CRM for Pronatos. Having a good CRM with marketing tools is important to do marketing activities that provide measurable results. 

We optimised the Pronatos website by structuring the different pages in an easy manner for potential patients to find the different benefits of Pronatos and where to book a treatment. 

Once the website was cleaned up and HubSpot was installed, we created landing pages that our ads were going to run to. All of the landing pages had different Headlines and other elements that we were going to A/B test. The main offer on the landing page was to book a first treatment with Pronatos. We didn’t reduce our prices so we had to create real value on the landing page for patients to want to book a treatment. 

Our target was to run traffic to our different landing pages to get quick conversions. The funnel was rather simple: Facebook/instagram ad → landing page with an offer → phone call where the lead is booked in for a treatment.

We started with writing multiple different ad copies for the client. Some were short and some were long form ad copy. It was really important for us to make sure our ad copy would hit different pain points to help their audiences understand that Pronatos could help them. 

There are several different symptoms that patients have in their feet so it was important for us to show that Pronatos can treat all of these symptoms in our video creatives. We worked with the client to create videos explaining each symptom and added subtitles to the videos since over 80% of people on Facebook don’t have sound on.  

Once we had the ad copy and creative in place, we set up a new conversion campaign structure with multiple separate adsets targeting different interests. We did this to find out which interests were yielding with clicks and conversions versus not. The split tests we ran on the interests helped us identify which interests were performing well so we could double down on them. 

Once we had our audiences defined, the next step was to understand which ad copy and creative combination would generate the most clicks and which landing page would create the most qualified leads. 

For many businesses getting leads is very important but if the leads don’t convert into paying clients they are really worth much. In this field generating leads is half the battle, the second half is getting the leads to becoming paying clients. This is something we took great attention to and worked with the different audiences, ad copies and creatives to get it right for the client.

Our Results

With the new ad campaign we were able to test multiple variables to find out what works best for Pronatos and all of the licensees.

The primary goal of the marketing we set out to do was to generate more patients for the licensees without losing money on customer acquisition. The clinics were getting patients at 300 kr each which gives Pronatos wiggle room to also make a profit while investing in marketing for the licensees.  

The value of each patient was 2 300 SEK and we brought in paying patients at 300 kr each. 

Leads: Increased by 100%

CPL: Decreased by 58%

CVR: Increased by 34%

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.