+767% increase in organic traffic by improving content and SEO strategy.


in organic traffic.


in organic keywords.


in traffic value.

About The Client

VVSTrygg is a relining company that performs drainage services and sewer renovations around the Mälardalen area in Sweden. The company aims to help houseowners maintain their homes in good condition and preserve its value for upcoming generations.

Client's Challenge

VVSTrygg were in search of an agency to help them grow their organic traffic from Google and to be found for their target keywords and topics in search engines. 

Before hiring us, VVSTrygg had internally tried to grow their organic traffic. They did get some traction but over 90% of their traffic came from branded search queries. This basically means that close to all their traffic came from people that were already familiar with their brand.  

They knew that they were missing out on huge market share in their industry by not appearing for service related search terms and that they needed to take their organic marketing efforts to a new level.

Our Findings

  1. We performed an immense keyword research and to identify keywords that we could rank for based on traffic volume, relevance to purchase intent and difficulty score. From our analysis we could identify over 50 short and long term keywords that we could rank for within the short term. 

  2. Having the right keywords in the url of high value pages is an important part of helping google understand what the pages on a website are about. We found some pages that we could optimize urls on as well. 

  3. Google indexes all published pages on your website and they usually still appear as a result on google even after you remove the page or change the url of the specific page. We found several indexed pages on google´s search engine result page that needed to be cleaned up. 

  4. VVSTrygg had a couple of published blog articles but they were not ranking for the keywords that they were trying to rank for. We found that their blogs needed to be longer and more structured for google to see the articles as more valuable.  

  5. The website wasn’t doing internal linking efficiently which talls Google that there is low correlation between the different pages on the site. This generally weakens the site’s authority and when one page ranks well in google the others can’t rub off on the same success.

Our Solution

Along with our keyword analysis we created a “easy wins” list of keywords that we identified as the keywords that we could quickly rank for and get results with in the short term. These keywords were chosen since the site already either ranked on page 2 or less for the term and/or were keywords with low search difficulty. 

After fixing up the technical optimizations such as urls, removing indexed dead links in google search console etc. we started optimizing content on already existing pages and we started to create content to rank for our “easy wins” keyword list. From there we had a good foundation to scale our blogging efforts to rank for more keywords relevant to their business. Google rewards websites with great content and information by ranking them high on their search engine results page. This is a fundamental statement that tells us that whatever content we create, it has to be better than our competitors so that google rewards us by placing us on top.

When blogging to rank for different keywords it is important to identify which pages that are most valuable on a website and which topics to go after instead of just blogging about everything in an unstructured matter. We created topic clusters where we identified a main topic to rank for and subtopics that belong to the same cluster.   

From there we had a solid strategy to start blogging and interlinking pages on the site. We planned to write four blog posts a month on an ongoing basis.

Our Results

We helped VVSTrygg grow the amount of ranking organic keywords by 233% over 9 months which resulted in an organic traffic increase of 767% during the same period! Before hiring us 90% of VVSTrygg’s organic traffic came from branded searches but 9 months later only 12% of their traffic came from branded searches! This means that close to 90% of their website traffic comes from new potential customers searching for information about their services.

Organic keywords: Increased by 233%

Organic traffic: Increased by 767%

Traffic value: Increased by 3233%

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.

Ready to achieve similar results for your company?

We grow by helping you grow, and we win by helping you win. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company grow more traffic, generate more leads, and get more sales.